group of people standing in line awaiting their temperatures being taken for COVID-19.






The spread of the coronavirus across our country has created a very stressful environment for all Americans and especially older people and those with underlying health conditions who are at heightened risk. During these difficult days, I want to assure you that Trinity Senior Housing is actively engaged in our nation's response to the outbreak, and we are working hard to help our residents, employees, their families, and the broader community understand how to protect themselves.

We are happy to report that as of today we haven't received any reports of infection in our Trinity Senior Housing communities.

Some of the steps we have already taken include:

Formalized Cleaning of Properties: We are increasing the frequency by which all common and amenity spaces are cleaned and sanitized, paying particular attention to sanitizing door handles, elevator push buttons, restrooms, multipurpose room, laundry facilities, community room, lobby area, and office areas (including counters, computer keyboards, telephones, etc.).

Providing Trusted Information: On our website, , we are publishing information and tips about how to avoid the spread of the virus as reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) on their national websites. We continue to monitor the websites and social media of the CDC, local and state health departments as well as other public officials to remain current on the latest available information and evaluate our precautions daily. We are committed to protecting our residents and staff during this time, and we will continue to take all necessary steps with everyone's health and safety in mind.

These precautionary measures have been taken to limit the potential spread of the virus, to support our employees in this challenging time and to ensure we maintain our ability to serve you, our residents, for the long term.

However, in order to continue to keep all persons safe within our buildings we are updating our procedures as follows.

Limited Access to our Communities: Effective March 20, 2020 and until further notice access to our communities is limited to the following people only:

  • Family members of residents who are in imminent end-of-life situations. Access in these cases will be restricted to resident apartments only.
  • Vendors who provide essential services (pharmacy, food, supplies, maintenance, movers, and healthcare providers)
  • Individual private duty aides/companions/homemakers (must be pre-approved prior to building entry)

Effective March 20, 2020 and until further notice the following people are not allowed access to the building:

  • Family members of residents not in imminent end-of-life situations (This includes persons of all ages)
  • Non-family members of residents (overnight guests are prohibited until further notice)
  • Entertainers
  • Community Outreach Vendors
  • Salon/Spa providers
  • Volunteers

Increased Screening Requirements: To protect our residents and staff, we have increased our screening requirements to now include temperature checks for all persons which includes residents that leave the building for an extended period. An extended period is defined as leaving the building for 24 hours or longer. Upon returning you will be required to take your temperature to make sure you do not have a temperature greater than 99.6 degrees. (The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has issued guidance saying that a fever - which the agency defines as a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, or 99.6 for the elderly - can be a sign of COVID-19). If found to have a fever, then you will be asked to seek medical treatment ASAP before clearing you to enter the building.

Our senior leadership team remains vigilant and is monitoring the situation in real time and responding rapidily as conditions evolve. We are regulary updating Trinity Senior Housing residents and family members over the phone and on our website, but if you have an urgent question, please reach out to the Community Managing Agent by phone at (773) 955-7651 or email our corporate team using the Contact Us page. You may express questions or concerns to the Board of Directors via email using the Contact Us page.

Please be safe and stay healthy.

COVID-19 Tips

Attention All:

With recent outbreaks reported all over the news, you may be worried about contracting coronavirus. Coronavirus is a potentially life-threatening family of viruses that cause conditions like the common cold MERS, SARS, and other respiratory conditions including new strains of the virus. While coronavirus can be serious, taking preventative measures can help you protect your health in public at home.

Here are our top tips on creating a clean and safe space for you and your family.

1. Wash your hands of the virus

2. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough

3. Don't touch your face

4. Clean your phone

5. Wipe your door handles

6. Social Distancing and Stay Home

7. Cook Meat and Eggs Thoroughly

8. Clean with bleach

9. Clean your toilet

10. Clean your kitchen

11. Do laundry regularly

12. Leave your shoes at the door

13. Avoid Transmission from Animals